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Don't let your equipment tell you when it requires a service

Once Power Factor Correction equipment is installed, it will usually work seamlessly in the background for many years. Those £200+ a month reactive power charges have disappeared from the electricity bill, carbon emissions and maintenance requirements have been reduced, and it’s easily and often forgotten.

However, unlike more obvious pieces of equipment, there may be capacitor failures that go unnoticed. The lights don’t go out, machines don’t stop, and fuses don’t blow. Meanwhile the reactive power charges have started creeping back onto the bills, £40, £400 or more every month. In extreme cases there may be a more dramatic incident in the mains room when a capacitor system has been neglected for so long that a catastrophic failure results.

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Servicing Benefits

It’s recommended that Power Factor Correction is serviced annually. Power Capacitors Ltd’s engineers will complete a 56 point checklist which includes environment, loading and suitability checks to accommodate changes in supply. They will also interrogate the relay to determine the number of operations attributed to each capacitor.

This enables capacitors and contactors to be changed before they fail, avoiding reactive charges and preventing additional and costly call-out visits.

Where a client has multiple sites or various manufacturers’ equipment, Power Capacitors can save the client time and money by taking care of maintenance of all the PFC systems. One supplier account, one site induction, one visit per site, and one invoice. Full records are also kept of all equipment and service history.

Power Capacitors Ltd will also quote a fixed price service cost over 5 years. This means there are no surprises when it comes to service time, and they will remind you when each service is due. There’s no up-front cost for the contract and it’s invoiced in the normal way after each service call.

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