Active Harmonic Filters

The cost of poor Power Quality has a much greater impact than just on the electricity bill

Power Quality can have a direct impact on overall performance, a fact often overlooked by many companies. The fast and effective response of Active Harmonic Filters to the negative aspects of power quality can improve process reliability, extend equipment life, reduce energy costs by targeting system losses, and increased up-time can improve productivity. So much more than simply complying with legislation, standards and grid codes.

The exponential increase in non-linear and other polluting loads in modern electrical networks presents a varying set of power quality challenges.

Operations sensitive to power supply quality, challenging and shock loads, and weak supply connections result in more demanding grid codes and power quality standards to safeguard the reliability of electrical systems for both industrial and commercial processes.

Harmonic distortion, voltage variation, poor power factor and load imbalance are the most commonly observed issues which not only impact on the cost of energy, but can result in equipment maloperation or even failure.

Active Harmonic Filters
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Active Harmonic Filters

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