Power Capacitors
November 2023

In printing houses, the use of DC drives for precise control over speed and torque is common, but it's not without impact on power quality. These drives can introduce harmonic distortion and voltage fluctuations into the electrical system, leading to inefficient power usage and potentially affecting other connected devices. The rectifiers in DC drives can also contribute to serious power factor issues, adding yet another layer of complexity to managing power quality. To address these issues, facilities often find themselves needing to invest in additional equipment like harmonic filters and power factor correction units, making it crucial to monitor and manage power quality in environments where DC drives are in use. Contact- sales@powercapacitors.co.uk

Power Capacitors
November 2023

Embedded Solar power- Industry sector Power quality issues and how we can help to solve them in a cost effective and a solution driven approach. Contact- sales@powercapacitors.co.uk for your bespoke applications in this ever-changing climate.

Power Capacitors
October 2023

We are proud to be the distributer of such excellent Power Quality filters in the UK, utilising the expertise of our internal staff, with the assistance of Merus Powers vast experience within the Industry. Contact sales@powercapacitors.co.uk with your requirements and we will be very happy to help.

Power Capacitors
September 2023

How awesome is this! Get in touch for your Power Quality issues to attain Net Zero moving forward.

Contact, sales@powercapacitors.co.uk

Power Capacitors
September 2023

Working with world class partners such as Merus Power brings maximum benefits to our customers by supporting clients across the UK with class-leading solutions.

Join us today to enhance your Power Quality requirements for the future.

Contact sales@powercapacitors.co.uk Tel-01217084511

Power Capacitors
September 2023

Site Engineer required, please contact for more details.

Power Capacitors
August 2023

State of the Art Power Quality Solution enables production increase!

A factory extension in the Fresh Foods Industry was required by the client. This additional loading comprising almost entirely variable speed drives and LED lighting - well known sources of harmonic distortion.

The local District Network Operator imposed the most arduous restriction of 'No additional harmonic emmissions, and power factor +/- 0.98'.

This is the perfect application for the Hybrid Power Quality technology - where Active Harmonic Filters are combined with detuned PFC to provide instantaneous harmonic mitigation and compensation of reactive power.

This example required 400kVAr and 400Amps, providing up to 680kVAr of reactive power within milliseconds, and compensation of all expected harmonic currents.

Without this solution, the factory extension would not have been granted a supply agreement.

@Power Capacitors Ltd. - supporting customers across the UK with class-leading solutions

Power Capacitors
August 2023

Optimized Active Harmonic Filter for Variable Frequency Drives.

Motors used in pumps, fans, blowers & compressors compromised a staggering 55.2% of revenues in 2020

Power Capacitors Ltd provide Power quality solutions to solve clients complex problems with a simple solution- Merus® 4DRIVES, please enquire so we can assist in your achievements for power quality. sales@powercapacitors.co.uk


Power Capacitors
August 2023

Building and delivering 24 Detuned 100kVAr Chassis for one of our valued clients in under 2 weeks so they can hit their deadline. We have the best lead times in the business so please take advantage of the service and quality we can offer.


Hybrid Power Quality, ( HPQ ) is combining the functions of Harmonic Filtering and Power Factor Correction into a single system, made up of an Active Filter and conventional Detuned PFC.

By using the Active Filter to supply and control reactive power, in addition to harmonic attenuation, superior performance is acheived compared to the two systems operating independantly. The power factor is more closely controlled, with a response time measured in milliseconds not minutes.

HPQ technology is available as an upgrade to ANY detuned PFC system, from any reputable manufacturer.

Perhaps the recent installation of a PV scheme or upgrading production to include VFD motor drives has resulted in elevated levels of distortion and a PFC system that simply can't keep up?

HPQ is the solution.

The team at @Power Capacitors Ltd. completed an upgrade to HPQ at another client this week. The DC drives on the printing presses were causing an extremely poor power factor as well as high levels of harmonic distortion. When a moderate solar installation was commissioned, the existing PFC was no longer able to adequately control the power factor across the range of loadings observed.

Once installed, the HPQ control reduced THDi from >40% to 10%, and the power factor was improved from <0.6 lagging to 0.99 lagging.

The client, understandably, was very impressed, knowing that their electrical system is now operating at optimum efficiency, and delivering maximum savings!

Contact sales@powercapacitors.co.uk for more information.


A collective team effort is at the heart of great achievement.

Mitigating business risks and targeting nett zero for the future.

One of Power Capacitors Ltd many abilities is to deliver a successful power quality solution across all industry sectors!

STAR- Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

S ­– Our site services team identify a need for upgrading the existing infrastructure.

T – Our power quality survey revealed poor Power Factor and Harmonic distortion on both Voltage and Current that was not compliant to the latest legislation and nett zero requirements for our client.

A - We designed and built a bespoke Hybrid solution, in house at our manufacturing facility.

R – The installation and commissioning didn’t disturb the supply to the client and achieved the designated goals for our client’s future performance.


Remote monitoring, inspection and configuration of Power Quality Solutions, this is what Meruscope provides.

@Power Capacitors Ltd. is proud to offer this new service to both new and existing customers.

Working with world class partners such as Merus Power brings maximum benefits to our customers!

Delivering great on a technical product or service relies on investing in and supplier relationships.

The Partner Meeting with Merus Power this week in Tampere, Finland has been the perfect example of these crucial aspects - 3 days of presentations, meetings and training, building teams, in striking scenery. Hard work, and worth every minute.

@Power Capacitors Ltd.is proud to invest in its future in this way, improving and increasing the support we can give our customers.

Power Capacitors Ltd are proud manufacturers of bespoke detuned Power Factor Correction equipment, designed in house, to fit inside our clients switchgear panels. This detuned chassis is available with 110v, 230v and 415v coil voltages to assist in Power Quality improvement and reduce harmonic distortion.

contact: sales@powercapacitors.co.uk


Power Capacitors Ltd. Meet the Team.

Stephen Monkman MIET Area Sales Manager.

My role and responsibilities are to ensure the smooth process of sales to our clients, assist in the design of bespoke solutions for Power Quality issues many companies are facing today in their goal to achieve net zero.

I have 18 years sales experience within the UK market across all industry sectors, selling full turnkey capital equipment and service contracts.


Bespoke design and build project, our client required Power Capacitors Ltd to Engineer the solution to fit a limited space within the switch room and also achieve their net zero target moving forward.

Having the expertise and in-house manufacturing capabilities, we built and commissioned the Hybrid Power Factor Correction with Active Harmonic Distortion equipment tailor made for the clients needs.

Join our Clients success in the Goal to Net Zero.


Made in the Midlands, at Power Capacitors Ltd we have a team of qualified technicians to build from the ground up our product portfolio, this would also include any design and build bespoke items to suit your companies requirements. Detuned Power Factor Correction below being built today.

Our dedicated staff take great pride in delivering Quality products to our clients on every occasion.

To take advantage of this service, contact our team on Sales@powercapacitors.co.uk


Supporting Partners through technical training (CPDs)

Here at Power Capacitors Ltd we offer the benefit of our extensive experience and expertise in the form of educating and training for the MCC manufacturers, Distribution Bord manufacturers, Consulting Engineers, and the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering companies.

We have already successfully delivered over 20 CPDs to more than 200 attendees, both at their premises and at our Factory in Birmingham.

The content of each course is tailored to the needs of those attending, and typically includes sessions on Power Quality, Power Factor, Active Harmonic Filters and Product selection and integration.

To take advantage of this service, contact our team on Sales@powercapacitors.co.uk

Commissioned today at a Quarry with a massive improvement of Power Quality and Energy Savings for the Client. A hybrid power quality system comprising of 200A active harmonic filter and 200kVAr power factor correction, with a further 200A active harmonic filter sited next to the HPQ unit for good measure. The Client was understandably extremely pleased with our professionalism and After Sales Service.

Bespoke Power Quality Solutions.

Power Capacitors Ltd is proud to support its customers by offering the optimum solution in every case, without being constrained by a list of catalogue items.

This great example of  was easily accommodated by the design team, who produced a  which takes advantage of the in-house  capability of our panel workshop .


To take advantage of this flexibility, contact our team on Sales@powercapacitors.co.uk.


Bespoke Power Quality Solutions.

Power Capacitors Ltd is proud to support its customers by offering the optimum solution in every case, without being constrained by a list of catalogue items.

An order was recently received for an system, intially rated at 150A, but capable of extension at a later date to 300A.

This great example of was easily accomodated by the design team, who produced a which takes advantage of the in-house capability of our panel workshop.

The system is leaving the factory fully fitted out with isolation, ventilation and control for the full 300A output - the upgrade will be a simple process to add an additional Merus Power A2 Active Harmonic Filter module to the system when our customer requires.

To take advantage of this flexibility, contact our team on Sales@powercapacitors.co.uk