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The benefits of installing Power Factor Correction

The benefits of Power Factor Correction are often misunderstood, and positively impact much more than just the monthly electricity bill.

Financial Savings

Savings on business costs will go straight on to the bottom line and it’s common to find financial directors and site managers charged with shaving a significant percentage off costs. Cutting the monthly electricity bill by a few thousand pounds a year should be a good start. Most Power Factor Correction installations can give a return of investment in under 2 years and with a lifetime of 10 to 15 years will pay for themselves many times over.

Carbon Emission Reduction

Being a visibly greener industrial manufacturer elevates a company’s image and standing with suppliers and customers regardless of the increasing legislation. It also plays a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint of the end product. All Power Factor Correction systems supplied by Power Capacitors offer an industry agreed carbon reduction figure.

Maintenance Reduction

Power Factor Correction acts to reduce the electrical demand, peak and otherwise, which by default reduces the loading on infrastructure and makes more useful capacity available. Reducing the strain on cables, boards and electrical systems will have a significant effect on maintenance and equipment failures.

There are numerous other benefits associated with the installation of Power Factor Correction and you can find out more by downloading our brochure Contact one of our engineers to arrange a FREE survey or download the FREE app for Apple and Android and do the preliminary calculations yourself.
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