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Go Green with Power Capacitors Ltd

Go Green with Power Capacitors Ltd.

Power Capacitors Ltd. are helping hundreds of companies across the UK to reduce their CO2 emissions and drastically reduce their carbon footprint.

These enormous savings are achieved by improving the Power Factor meaning that system losses are lower, meaning less power needs to be generated. This means that your business becomes more efficient and more profitable.

This Power Factor Correction equipment they have supplied since 1973 is providing significant benefit to the environment - CO2 emissions are being reduced by over 1.5 million tonnes per year, a staggering amount by any standards.

That’s about the same as 250,000 cars, 70,000 trains, 6,500 jumbo jets or even 10-fully loaded aircraft carriers!

All this means your electricity bill is reduced by thousands of pounds per year as well as saving even more on excess capacity charges.

It’s nice to know that not only are you saving money, you’re saving the planet too.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you to go green on 0121 7084511 or email us at

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